Scientists will send the key to victory over obesity

Scientists have proved that with age the process of losing weight is given increasingly difficult. This is due to the changing activity of adipose tissue over time. A child is born with a large amount of brown adipose tissue. It has accelerated metabolism and warms the body of the newborn in the first days. The adult stocks of brown fat is minimal, dominated by white inactive fat. This complicates the process of weight control, writes The Daily Mail.

Most brown fat is contained in newborns in the cheeks and around the shoulder blades. In the early days it helps to maintain optimum body temperature. Next, the significance of this component is reduced, the amount of brown fat is reduced, it is replaced normal adipose tissue. However, the small portion that remains, say Japanese scientists from the University of Shizuoka, able to influence the whole body.

It has been proven that over time, the activity of brown fat drops. For this reason, an adult must be applied several times more effort than for a child to achieve optimal weight. Based on these data, scientists have discovered a tool that is able to re-activate brown fat cells.

This experiment was carried out on mice. In the first group of scientists blocked the gene receptor activation of platelets. This has led to massive obesity in mice. The second group acted as a control. It turned out that the lock of the gene disrupted the functioning of brown fat, which ceased to disintegrate and form heat.

Based on these data, the researchers plan the development of new drugs against excess weight. In many countries, obesity is recognized as endemic problem. It causes the pathology of the cardiovascular system, leading to diabetes and violates the aesthetics of the human body. Nutritionists advise to follow food regimen and exercise, in order to protect your body from extra pounds.

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