Scientists will be able to enhance the action of antiviral vaccines

Biochemists have discovered that substances from the group of polyethylenimine synthesis of polyethylene and nitrogen - can exacerbate the effects of vaccines against influenza, HIV and herpes, according to a new publication in the journal Nature Biotechnology. The head of the group of biologists Quentin Sattentau from Oxford University rejoices, because he managed to get on the path of complete protection against influenza after only a single vaccination. But it was considered improbable even for experiments on muscles. Scientists believe that the discovery of such properties polyethylenimine will enable PAYS to become a major addition to the antiviral vaccines.

Recently biologists have identified a wide variety of substances that stimulate the immune system. However, most of them valid only for a certain sector of immune shield of the human body, and because of the threat of depletion of its resources such substances cannot be used for too long. Named the most valuable adjuvants - these medicines may increase the effects of other drugs, and they stimulate the Assembly of antibody when added to vaccines.

Together with colleagues, Sattentau was looking for a tool that can increase the effect of the vaccine gives immunity to viruses with varying protein-sugar shell (for example, herpes viruses, influenza, HIV). The attention of researchers attracted polyethylenimine (PAYS) - substances that are actively used by molecular biologists in gene therapy. PAYS join viruses, helping them to get into the cell, the genome of which you want to change. Doctors, it was observed that a side effect of polyethylenimine is to strengthen the immune reaction to the virus.

The scientists decided to test the PAYS as adjuvant on the HIV vaccine. They took the population of mice and divided them into three groups. The first category was made by injection of the vaccine without additives, the second - with a proven, effective adjuvant CTB, and, finally, the third group of rodents received the vaccine with the addition of the PAYS. Biochemists noted that, compared with conventional vaccine, polyethylenimine multiplied the number of antibodies in the blood of mice in 100 times, and 6 times their level was higher comparing CTB.Was also tested efficiency PAYS for vaccines against herpes virus and influenza. Even injected in the form of a nasal spray the product on order above protected rodents from lethal virus compared with adjuvants and pure vaccines.

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