Scientists: why do we want to "eat" beautiful baby?

Aggression is one form of stabilization of the emotions in man. Psychologists believe this is a normal reaction. We want to "strangle" or "to bite" little baby, pushed the kitten, even though we know that the love object data of the action of any pleasure will not bring. In other studies, scientists have noticed that people have a reaction to the traits of children. Most of the large eyes, head and high forehead cause the desire to care for and natural smile, writes The Daily Mail.

In the study, scientists have established that pictures of young children make adult men sense of caring. Many said that they would like to eat or pinch babies. In another experiment, the volunteers were shown various photos. Your emotions people offered to splash out on bubble wrap.

It turned out that pictures of kittens contributes to the most strong reaction in volunteers. Scientists believe that aggression stabilizes the surplus of positive feelings in the person. Whether so it, will show future research.

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