Scientists: white teeth - a sign of the overall health of the body

British scientists from the University of Leeds conducted a study and found out why do people need white teeth. It turned out that white-toothed smile for the man is like a beautiful peacock. It attracts attention and is indicative of the General health of the body. Know that a healthy smile attracts people and increases attention to the person.

The data were confirmed in a study involving 150 men and women. The volunteers were shown pictures of models with altered color of the teeth and watched the reaction. Only used three colours: yellow, white and crystal white color, to achieve which is only possible using a special whitening. Study participants were asked to answer the question about the attractiveness of each person.

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Less attention has attracted a model with whitish-yellow teeth. In addition, negatively evaluated a large distance between the teeth. White and crystal smile was evaluated in the same way.

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