Scientists: what women get more pleasure from sex?

Not so long ago, the Spanish scientists have conducted a study aimed at finding out the impact of socio-economic status of a person on the quality of sexual life.

His observations of the scientific staff were guided by three basic for residents of Spain components of sexual health: satisfaction and safety of the sexual life, as well as the number of cases of sexual violence.

In the course of the study were interviewed 2365 women and 2532 men aged 16 to 44 years. Experts from received data, has determined that sexual life more often have the pleasure of wealthy women. This is due to the fact that ladies use quality contraceptives that allow you to feel more secure, and much less than the poor, abused. Statistics over the past year, disappointing: 1 out of 10 women were subjected to by your partner any kind of violence. As a rule, these were the women who are the representatives of the poor. Moreover, poor women are unable to buy their own contraceptives regularly, so they more often there comes an unwanted pregnancy.

Note that approximately 90% of Spaniards their level of sexual life fully satisfied. This figure is significantly higher than in other countries.

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