Scientists: wet wipes cause allergic reactions in children

Dermatologists warn that in some cases baby wipes can cause allergic reactions, itching and skin rashes. Blame antibacterial liquid included in their composition, writes The Sydney Morning Herald. It causes skin irritation and provokes the development of dermatitis. In addition, some manufacturers uses the combination with the properties of the preservative.

Research by Australian scientists says that the skin reactions were observed in 11.3% in the study group, which used the wipes. In 2012 and 2011 figures a little more modest (8.4% and 3.5%, respectively). The rash usually appears two days after the use of hygiene products. The most common cause, according to dermatologists, lies in too high concentrations of antibacterial agents. When skin damage chemicals can penetrate into the deeper layers and cause more serious pathology.

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Allergic reactions are recorded around the world. In addition to baby wipes, such danger have cosmetics, some shampoos and deodorants. Standing with a mind to approach the selection of household chemicals, make baby dermatologists.

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