Scientists were told how to quit Smoking

Motivational interviewing with the therapist best helps people who decided to give up the addiction, say researchers from the University of Granada and the University of San Buenaventura. The doctor during the session expresses empathy and instructs the patient on the apparent discrepancy in his behavior and the goal to which he aspires. This writes the Psych Central.

In total the study involved 53 smoker who wanted to end the habit. Each held a 20-minute motivational interview. Volunteers were told about all the problems associated with Smoking. The efficiency of the method, the researchers compared with the control group and conventional techniques to quit Smoking.

Motivational interviewing, the results of the experiment, helps short term, but has a pronounced effect. After interviewing a therapist should consolidate a new way of life. You can sign up for sports, find a hobby and to consider plans for the next year without cigarettes.

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