Scientists were able to release cells from chromosome that causes down's syndrome

American microbiologists held deleting the extra copies of the 21st chromosome from cells isolated from a patient with down syndrome. As stated by the scientists, thanks to the success of reliable methods of treatment of this common genetic disease soon appears, but to help spread these patients cancer of the blood is quite possible.

In humans, each cell has 24 pairs of chromosomes. Rare to find people that do not have two identical chromosomes, and three. Such cases are called trisomy. Most distribution has trisomy 21 chromosome. For this reason, developing the syndrome. People suffering from this disease, there are developmental delays, a high probability of violations of the digestive system and heart diseases.

Invented method will allow researchers to deliver cells from unnecessary 21-x chromosomes. According to the authors, due to the new method, the chromosome will disappear completely. Previously known methods were able to achieve only the destruction of the extra chromosome. In this regard, the opening creating a cure for down syndrome is not yet possible. However, it will help to get the patient's stem cells are released from trisomy, and use them for the treatment of leukemia.

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