Scientists were able to recreate the appearance of the alien invaders

Ignore the stereotypes, scientists have attempted to create a rough portrait of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. The results showed that the differences in appearance between the inhabitants of our planet and visitors from intergalactic distances practically do not exist.

For example, earlier was considered that the average growth of newcomers did not exceed one hundred thirty inches. However, the new data allow us to conclude that this figure may reach two or even three meters.

If we talk about the bodies of view, in this respect, almost no difference with the eyes is no, yet some aliens can be owners of fully black eyes with integrated devices to adjust the level of the transmitted light.

Other details of the anatomy of the aliens also have quite a earthly form, except for the head, which may well be massive by earthly standards, membranes between fingers and low-set ears.

The skin, contrary to the formed view, is almost the same as in humans, without any extraneous shades like blue or green, sometimes it can be dark in color. And this fact explains the almost complete absence of the bodies of humanoids hairline.

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