Scientists were able to identify the main danger posed by long NAPs

The group of American experts in the field of cardiology in a series of recent studies have been inconclusive about what the long sleep in the afternoon, which is so like a lot of people can pose for the human body is quite a serious danger.

In the program of study involved thirty thousand people from among the inhabitants of Asia and European countries. Thus any influence of the place of residence of participants to the results of the experiment have been identified.

The results showed that without any harm for the life and work of the majority of the body's systems enjoy an afternoon sleep, you can afford not longer than for forty minutes.

Longer periods of rest during the day can become a cause of a number of serious disorders in the digestive system and increase blood pressure.

This significantly more than the rest at risk are the people who have the opportunity every day to sleep after dinner at least half an hour. In such cases, the risk of developing dangerous chronic diseases increases by fifty percent, which is very, very serious cause for reconsideration of their habits (even if they seem their holders quite harmless), daily routine and lifestyle in General.

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