Scientists were able to identify the insect with the most painful bite

The studies of many insects belonging to different species, and their bite is extremely unpleasant (and in some cases even fatal) to humans, the experts concluded that according to this indicator, the leader of one of the types of wasps called tarantulady hawk.

The name of the insect was due to characteristics of the diet, which is based on spiders, and tarantulas. This produced by glands of the wasp venom spider completely deprives of possibility to move, and in people causes of high-intensity pain, to suffer which is practically not possible.

In the case if a wasp bites a human, it also completely lose the ability to move because of the unbearable pain experienced by which is usually accompanied by heart-rending cries and suffering of the victim.

Fortunately, the attacks tarantulisimo hawk on humans are vanishingly rare, and the main area of habitation is concentrated mainly in the North America.

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