Scientists were able to establish that the hearts of lovers actually beat the same

Scientists from the University of California at Davis discovered a surprising fact. It turns out that the hearts of lovers are really one and beat in unison. Lovers man and woman, standing next to each other, have the same heart rate, and the same frequency of breathing. They don't even need to be next to, or to hold hands.

Scientists have found that this does not happen with strangers, even if they are within close range. They also concluded that "Zapevalov" this Duo is the heart of man, and a woman's heart only adapts to its rhythm.

The researchers conducted a series of experiments in which took part 32 of the couple. Both spouses were connected to the apparatus, which we estimated the frequency of contractions of the heart muscle. When the couple sat next to each other, the researchers asked each of them to simulate the behavior of a partner . The data showed that the couple attended the same frequency of contractions of the heart, and the same breath. The pulse of the lovers was also the same, which is evidence of the great love and strong connection between them.

What is most interesting, when one of the spouses sat a stranger, communication between people was interrupted, and similar phenomena were observed.

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