Scientists were able to eliminate a genetic mutation of the organism to the process of conception

Scientists from the University of Texas, Indiana and Stanford University conducted an experiment in which interfered with the genome of the sperm and changed a few bad genes. As the foundations were derived stem cells, the basis of any tissue of a living organism. Genetic changes affect the transmission of information in the cell, which is called heredity.

The method developed by scientists, says Christina Dan, one of the study participants, "repairing" the gene mutation and leaves no trace of interference. In the experiment, the scientists used a technique of homologous recombination. This allowed to repeat within the genome of a DNA strand on the other "healthy" thread.

Transplanted altered sperm function in the testes of sterile mice. But the offspring of a display failed. Note that positive was the experience of Chinese scholars. Experts from America just trying to repeat the study.

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Technology has a huge potential. In the future, scientists believe it will be possible to "fix" DNA before conception of the child, the prediction of all genetic diseases and their treatment at the earliest stages.

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