Scientists were able to develop a method of treatment of vitiligo and gray hair color restoration

Gray hair, which are indispensable attribute of old age, may soon cease to be. European scientists have found a way to give your hair to its former color without going to the hairdresser and application of paint. More detailed results of the study were published in a report in the journal The FASEB. In this report, scientists report that the hair becomes gray because of oxidative stress, which leads to the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair roots, and that becomes the reason for their discoloration from the inside.

The techniques that developers have found that excessive amounts of accumulated hydrogen peroxide can be avoided if you act a local path on pseudocatalase using ultraviolet light of day. However, this technique can be also used for the treatment of vitiligo is a skin disease, which is depigmentation specific skin areas.

According to author Dr. Gerald Huismann, has been a long time humanity is trying to find a way by which it would be possible to hide the gray hairs. And now for the first time developed a method, which solves the problem at the root, and in addition it can help solve the problem of depigmentation. Despite the fact that vitiligo is a cosmetic skin disease, however it continues to have serious social and psychological consequences for the people affected. The new method of treatment will help solve the problem and radically change many lives for the better.

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It should also be noted that this technique has already been successfully tested on 2411 people suffering from vitiligo. All of them were treated by pseudocatalase, which was activated by sun light. As a result, the pigment of the eyelashes and the skin was restored.

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