Scientists were able to determine the place of origin of the Gypsies

Roma settlements are one of the most numerous ethnic groups of Europe. Not so long ago, the European geneticists was established place of occurrence of the Roma settlements. Scientists have found that they occurred more than 1.5 thousand years ago on the territory of North-Western India.

The main influx of Roma in Europe began about 600 years ago. They were settled in North Africa, Russia, Australia and America, but most of them live in Hungary and Romania.

The head of the group of researchers Manfred Kaiser University of the Netherlands considers that all Roma combines their common place of origin and tendency ancestors to create a family with people not of their race.

In Europe is more than 11 million Roma people. Many of them decided to settle in the territory of Central and Eastern Europe.

Unfortunately, history did not have any documentary information about the historical ancestors of the Gypsies. That is why scientists decided to try to restore the historical podmiotu Gypsy sort through study and comparative characteristics of the genomes of representatives of 13 different groups of Gypsies who are on the territory of Europe and the DNA of those Gypsies who currently live outside of Europe. These include Meghauli and Pandits.

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Using the obtained results of the research scientists were able to determine that the Gypsies are originally from the North-Western Indian States: Kashmir, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Meghauli and Pandits living outside of Europe, have similar genetic characteristics with people of Roma who have migrated to Europe many centuries ago.

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