Scientists: weight loss increases the level of stress

People sitting on a diet, reduces the body's levels of the hormone ghrelin. This can lead to increased risk of stress, and generally harmful to human health, according to a new study, an international group of scientists.

Ghrelin is the hormone that produces mucous membrane of the stomach. It helps to maintain appetite and controls the process of digestion. In the fight against excess weight reduced levels of ghrelin, of course, will be a good help, as the lower dose of hormone, the less people want to eat. That's why most drugs for weight loss is aimed at suppressing the production of this hormone. But to cheat nature with impunity will not work. A group of scientists, headed by Dr. Zane Andrews from Monash University in Australia conducted a study on laboratory mice with reduced levels of ghrelin in the body.

The results showed: mouse, with insufficient quantity of the hormone were more susceptible to stress, they quickly irritated and easier manner, for example. In addition, it has been found that ghrelin acts as a blocker of stress events, due to the influence of the suspension of production of certain hormones (such as cortisol). Once in a stressful situation, the mice increased production of the hormone ghrelin. The same process occurs in humans. Having survived the stress many people feel your appetite. The absorption of food activates the production of positive hormones that improve mood, stop the growth of stress hormones, preventing them from harming the body. In addition, ghrelin not only increases the appetite, it also tells the person what food he should eat based on your body needs in the moment. Also hormone maintains the glucose level in the blood during negative energy balance.

The researchers are confident in knowing the results of their work, people will be able to successfully overcome stress. On the other hand, mice, using the preparations reducing secretion of ghrelin, reacted to the stress is much stronger. Students have scientists dropped significantly immunity and increased risk probability of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of cardiovascular system, diabetes and many other diseases non-infectious nature. Recognize that weight loss, especially with the use of food additives and drugs is very harmful thing, summarize scientists.

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