Scientists: water scarcity is one of the reasons for the development of cystitis

Scientists say: receiving enough water is extremely important to maintain the health of the body. Water scarcity increases the risk of infectious diseases, including infections of the urinary tract. In a special risk group women (the frequency of occurrence of cystitis they have from nature above). According to statistics, about 15% of women are faced each year with the disease, says Health India.

The main cause of cystitis is the presence of bacterial infection in the bladder. Often the infection develops on the background of reduced immunity and diabetes (bacteria actively grow and multiply, if you have a lot of sugar). Treatment of cystitis usually does not cause difficulties, however, in severe cases, the infection enters the ureters and kidneys, causing more serious pathology.

As you know, prevention is much better and easier treatment. Doctors advise to drink more fluids. It is necessary to abandon acidic drinks in large quantities (coffee, orange juice). The acid irritates the mucous membrane of the bladder and creates favorable conditions for bacteria.

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The optimum amount of liquid is about 12 glasses a day. Of course, a lot depends on the time of year. In the summer you want more liquid, in the cold season - less. Observance of rules of personal hygiene is also important. Shower or bathroom must be clean to prevent bacteria. In the winter is to insulate to protect your body from hypothermia.

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