Scientists: water does not save you from the symptoms of a hangover

Ways of dealing with a hangover many. Someone advises to drink more water, others during noisy feast eat a lot. Scientists have tried to collect the most effective ways to improve your condition in the morning.

First, some statistics. Approximately 25% of people claim they will never face a hangover, so as you know how to drink, or that there are other reasons related to the individual characteristics of the organism. The others at least once experienced morning headaches, nausea and other symptoms of a hangover.

Scientists conducted an experiment involving 789 students and identified some patterns related to alcohol consumption. The more a person drinks, the more likely he will face a hangover. 79% of students who have woken up in the morning without unpleasant symptoms, judging by the concentration of alcohol in the blood, drank quite a bit.

The food is slightly eases withdrawal symptoms after alcohol intoxication. After vodka hangover occurs less often than after red wine, if you compare these drinks by alcohol content.

Better to use hard grade alcohol light color: gin, vodka. Suit and white wine hangover from it occurs less frequently than red. Better still not to drink at all or stick to the rule "no more than one glass of wine a day", it will not only save a headache in the morning, but from chronic diseases in old age.

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