Scientists warn those with a sweet tooth faces impotence

It is well known that sweets is extremely harmful and abuse of sweets can be a one of the many causes of obesity, diabetes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cavities and other troubles. But sweet is fraught with one very bad quality, yet hardly anyone knows.

Irish scientists have discovered that men who are experiencing intense cravings for eating sweets, have a great risk of further serious question, as impotence. The results of the research conducted by the experts gave the following result in the male body by eating sweets there is a reduction in the blood levels of the hormone testosterone. Meanwhile, testosterone is responsible for a surge of sexual arousal and libido.

The study participants were asked to drink 200 ml of water with a high sugar content. To receive "syrup" and after him by the authors of the experiment all participants were filmed levels of testosterone. The result was the following - after drinking the sweet water, the concentration of testosterone in the blood in average was down about twenty-five percent. With 99 percent of the study participants lowered level of testosterone was safely back in two hours after they drank sweet water.

Scientists also note that testosterone male sex hormone acts as a natural regulator of the activity of men in intimate aspect. The concentration of testosterone affects libido, arousal, and in the normal course of ejaculation, and then orgasm.

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