Scientists warn that low blood sugar is dangerous for diabetics

Hypoglycemia is a dangerous condition when the blood glucose level drops to the critical indicators. The most sensitive to falling glucose the brain. In severe cases, developing hypoglycemic coma. Frequent cause of hypoglycemia is excess insulin.

In people experiencing periodic hypoglycemia, 2.5 times increased risk of premature death. In most cases, hypoglycemia caused by violations of the technique of insulin and choosing the incorrect dosage. Required medical intervention to correct dosage.

Injecting insulin takes on some of the functions of the pancreas. And if the body can adjust the amount of the hormone and its receipt in the blood, with the introduction of insulin from outside this function moves an insulin pump or systematic self-medication.

Scientists advise more attentive to such illness as diabetes. Requires accurate correction of the glucose level. The bias towards an excess or deficiency of glucose can cause serious pathology of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

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