Scientists warn that eating in bed is dangerous for the skin

According to research conducted by scientists, every ninth woman linen change once a month. According to the researchers, this factor can cause many diseases, because stale linen is a "nursery" for the welfare of various bacteria.

Most Housewives and young people's blatant disregard for their health explained by the fact that they are short of time. More than 13 percent of humanity sleeps in the bed (or sofa), the sheets of which the last times was made two months ago (or even more).

Scientists say that the bedroom can become an ideal environment for the development and reproduction of harmful substances. Various bacteria, especially in autumn and winter, try to move to "warm places", and pillows, mattresses, sheets and blankets are great for their refuge.

At the same time an ideal environment for the habitat of bacteria in bedding makes and the fact that individuals sometimes in bed eat.

Experts argue that such an elementary measure of hygiene, as avoiding eating in bed, regular bed linen changing, will help to preserve your health and prevent the development of any disease, especially allergies or dermatitis.

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