Scientists warn: hotel Rooms are infected with a virulent pathogens

The remote controls of televisions in hotels classified as one of the most dangerous items that can only be imagined. A group of scientists found that the remotes, as well as switches lamps in hotels, infected millions of extremely dangerous microbes, reported Reuters.

The above objects, as it turned out dirtier space under the rim of the toilet, say the researchers. Due to the fact that the hotel rooms cleaning of produced using the same rags, sponges and other similar materials, there is cross-contamination of bathroom bacteria.

In total, it is known that specialists samples were collected from 18 of the surfaces 9 hotel rooms Texas, Indiana and South Carolina (USA). They were interested in the overall degree of bacterial contamination and the presence of fecal bacteria. The latter were detected in 81 percent of cases.

But the cornices, headboards and, surprisingly, the handle to the bathroom, has appeared many times cleaner. If a person has a weakened immune system, the night spent in the hotel, maybe he will become in the literal sense of the word fatal.

Experts strongly recommend to do the cleaning of the rooms using a disinfecting liquids, as attendants of hotels and guests.

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