Scientists warn about the dangers of sleep in the same bed with their parents

A study by British scientists found that even in those cases, if the parents don't smoke, don't drink alcohol and drugs, the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) remains higher in the case if the child sleeps in the same bed with their parents. Scientists investigated 1,5 thousand cases of SIDS and came to the conclusion that it is safer if the child sleeps in separate beds, which is located in the bedroom of his parents. In countries such as the USA and the Netherlands, doctors urge parents not to sleep in bed with newborn children in the first three months after birth.

According to Professor Bob carpenter of the school of hygiene and tropical medicine in London, who is head of the research to the solution of problems of development of SIDS need to get even more serious. However, in the British office of Unicef are concerned about the current situation, as the organization has to fear that following the call scientists, parents will begin to feed their babies on the couch or in a chair that, in itself, is risky, since it increases the risk of suffocation of the infant.

Despite this, Professor carpenter continues to insist that he had voiced the theory that the dream child and parents in different beds will allow you to preserve the life of 120 to 300 children from SIDS cases that occur in the UK each year. This British scientist noted that this does not mean that the child can not take at all into bed to themselves, to feed or just to play with him. But it will be more secure if the child will continue to sleep in the crib in the same room with the bed of their parents.

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