Permanent residence under the artificial light source can lead to serious abuses by health. This is indicated by the results of their experiment scientists at the University of Leiden.

The researchers put the mice under constant light. After some time in the body of rodents began to occur morphological changes, says the publication The Daily Mail.

According to the data collected, the impact of artificial radiation decreased the activity of the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the area responsible for the regulation of biological rhythms. This area is humans. Overall, activity in the zone has declined by about 70%.

Scientists have recorded the mice increase the level of inflammation in the body. The same level observed when infected infections. However, these changes proved to be temporary. Once the cycle of day and night restored, the functions of the body of rodents were recovered.

Scientists recommend that people sleep in the dark and leave light sources. From noise during sleep is also better to get rid of: TV and music it is better to leave in the morning.

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