Scientists: viewing pornography negatively affects the health of women

The viewing of pornography has a negative impact on the health of women. In some cases, may develop neurological reactions, the feeling of disgust from his own body, reports The Times of India, referring to the study by researchers from the University of Groningen (the Netherlands).

In the experiment, 20 women were asked to look at different images: from neutral to most outspoken. Some scenes caused Frank disgust.

Using the MRI apparatus scientists have analyzed the activity areas of the brain women. It was found that pornography most women caused a reaction similar to that when viewing a sickening images. Specialists make the assumption that this reaction may be related to the high sensitivity of the female sex to sexually transmitted infections.

Men, on the contrary, when viewing pornography, as a rule, are excited. "Female" reaction among men are usually specific for disorders associated with erectile dysfunction.

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