Scientists: video games do not threaten social exclusion and mental disorders

Video games in the last decade have become a popular means of entertainment for young people. Games help to change the real world invented, to dive into the interesting events. Games often become a means of discharge after a hard day as a good game promotes the release of happy hormones and adrenaline. These substances have a stimulating effect on the human body. However, until recently, video games were considered harmful by way of relaxation, which leads a person away from reality.

Recent research on this topic completely refute the proposition. Games help to improve mood, reduce the impact of stress agents, to increase the level of self-esteem of young people. Especially positively to psychological health affects spending time together with family and children for a game console, reports Zee News. This type of vacation can be bonded family relationships and to increase the level of hormones in the brain.

To confirm his theory research group headed by Dr. Daniele Johnson conducted a study, which consisted in the analysis of more than two hundred scientific publications and reports. Scientists were interested in how games affect social well-being. It turns out that type of game doesn't matter, and cooperative with loved ones was much closer opponents and improve their social well-being, increased communication skills.

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Scientists say: the best way to establish a relationship with a troubled teenager - just to try to play together in video games. This type of holiday will bring and will improve understanding. However, doctors and scientists warn that it is important the amount of time that a person pays to the games. Games can negatively affect academic performance at school or work if they take the lion's share of time and effort. Such people are often emotionally unstable and irritable. And periodic joint passage of the next shooting will be a great end of a busy day.

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