Scientists: video games are useful for psychic children

Scientists from Oxford University have proved that video games are useful for the mental health of the child. It is worth noting that the experts are talking about the short game sessions. Games help the child to be distracted and to develop abstract thinking. The debate about how useful video games or harmful to children, and are to this day. Consensus on this issue no.

In the present study participated 5 thousand children aged 10-15 years. ¾ Volunteers played computer games almost every day. The children were asked to answer a series of questions. Scientists asked, satisfied children their lives, how well could they get along with peers and parents, whether they have support from loved ones. The received information specialists have analyzed and concluded.

In the study, the researchers found: children who at the console or computer for about an hour a day were happier than their peers, detached from the world of video entertainment. In other groups satisfaction with life was significantly lower.

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