Scientists urge doctors to explore the breath of the patient

The breath of a person helps to make his diagnosis of bowel cancer. According to the BBC, an appropriate test created by scientists. He captures volatile organic compounds associated with the activity of tumors. The accuracy assessment is 76%.

Today, during a screening test for bowel cancer are determined by the signs of blood in the stool. Often the diagnosis is found to be false, condemning people to pass unnecessary invasive procedures and unnecessary experience.

And about volatile organic compounds it is known that dogs are able to smell. Proposal professionals is through the use of technology. A group of experts from the Italian hospital in Bari checked the breath of 37 patients diagnosed with bowel cancer and 41 volunteers from the control group.

Initially, the accuracy of the test was 85%. But after re-testing the overall level dropped to 76%. According to Dr. Donato Altomare, these figures indicate that the test can detect cancer recurrence, although large-scale studies are still required.

It is worth noting that similar tests were diagnosed with other forms of cancer, tuberculosis and diabetes. However, the technology has a weak side: the mixture of compounds with a labor is interpreted, and the composition is influenced by many factors: diet, disease, hospital stay.

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