Scientists: unilateral deafness can win

Yet this disease is considered incurable. Experts from the University of California have established that the misalignment in the functioning of the two hemispheres of the brain may be the main cause of unilateral deafness.

In total, the study involved 13 patients with unilateral deafness and 13 volunteers with normal hearing. Subjects underwent MRI measurement of the electrical activity of the brain and sensitivity of hearing. Thanks to the comprehensive survey scientists were able to create a clear picture of the health of volunteers.

In the normal hemispheres of the brain work synchronously, which is reflected in theoptional the map. It turned out that in unilateral deafness this process gets out of order. This writes

Knowing the cause of the disease, it is easier to develop methods for its treatment. Scientists suggest that soon unilateral deafness will cease to be considered incurable.

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