Scientists: unemployed men age faster

Recent research scientists from Imperial College London, devoted to the study of the lives of ordinary citizens, says that unemployed men age faster than those who have a permanent job. Data were obtained after analysis of the structure of DNA more than 5 thousand men. It turned out to unemployed in this position for more than a couple of years, grow old much faster than their hard-working colleagues. The study results were published in the journal PloS One.

Scientists had assembled a group of volunteers in 1966. The study began in 1993, when there were the first samples of genetic material subjects. In the future this procedure was repeated every six years. Research has shown that telomeres of unemployed men was shortened faster. This factor causes the aging process and is responsible for its internal and external manifestations.

The researchers note that the findings in the study can be applied only to men, since women have similar patterns have been identified. At the moment scientists have directed all their efforts on the explanation of this phenomenon. They are interested in, what forces contribute to the prevention of aging in women.

Earlier studies show that unemployment significantly increases the level of daily stress, which can lead to depression and behavioral disorders.

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