Scientists: TV prevents children sleep

American scientists have once again raised the issue of the negative impact of TV on children. The harm of "blue screen" is proven. Especially strongly it is expressed during prolonged television viewing by children. So, in the latter study, American researchers found that TV disturbs the sleep of the child. The data were published in the journal Pediatrics.

In the study, researchers observed the children aged from six months to seven years. Only in the study participated 1800 children. The researchers concluded that one extra hour of TV viewing per day reduces the duration of sleep for seven minutes. Interestingly, this relationship is expressed stronger among boys.

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Experts advise a rational approach to the education of the child. You should explain to him that watching TV for the whole day - not the best idea. Otherwise, the child was able to deal with sleep disorders, vision, fatigue and a number of other deviations.

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