Scientists: TV hinders children's creative development

Regular television kills creativity in children. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Stafforshire. In total, the study involved a 60-year-olds. One group of kids showed episodes from the cartoon "Postman Pat", the rest were given books and puzzles. After some time, the children were asked to adapt the test for creativity. The results writes the Deccan Chronicle.

Just 15 minutes of watching TV, making children more creative passive. Puzzles and books, on the contrary, increased the creativity of kids and pushed them to creative activities like drawing.

Note the number of children in the two groups was about the same. Consequently, the television on this factor had no effect. Scientists warn parents on the TV – not a bad way to distract the child, but all need a sense of proportion. Should be possible to provide for the baby's choice in entertainment, so he didn't dwell on one thing, especially in virtual entertainment.

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