Scientists tried to explain hallucinations astronauts in outer space

The first space explorers talked about the incredible images and strange sounds that they felt during the trip into space. Some astronauts for decades concealed personal experiences from the public.

Astronauts from America told me the following: during the flight in 1973, the year they saw in the middle of the sun burning people silhouettes, the star, according to the researchers, was like hell.

Yuri Gagarin while in orbit heard a very beautiful and complex music. After a few years he was very surprised when I heard the same melody on the radio performed by an Ensemble of Electronic Instruments.

While scientists have difficulty in explaining the reasons of space hallucinations. Examples have accumulated a lot, but behind each is the identity of the astronaut, you have to solve. Closed space, weightlessness and extreme conditions have on the human psyche a huge impact that can be expressed in the emergence of such visions.

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