Scientists train in print heart on a 3D printer

Create a heart on a 3D printer is extremely difficult, almost impossible task. However, scientists have set a goal and small steps go to it. Professor Stuart Williams from the University of Louisville believes that the task is quite capable for modern science. The basis of the authority will be cells from the patient, which reduces the risk of rejection of the implant to a minimum.

Note, first printed on a 3D printer organs have been successfully tested. Basically this part of the face. Scientist mark Miodownik from Britain'm sure, hone technology, in the future, you can come to the modular concept of the person. Waste authorities will be replaced by a new, printed using special devices.

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The printer layers connects cells, binds them one to another, strengthens collagen, which should dissolve in the human body. The most difficult step is the connection of all systems that are members of one body. This and blood vessels, and nerve fibers. Part of the heart includes all types of fabrics: from muscle to connective and epithelial. While this, unfortunately, is the main reason for not applying complex artificial implants.

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