Scientists: toxicity useful for a child

Experts from the University of Toronto established the toxicity sometimes has a stimulating effect on the fetus. This condition reduces the likelihood of miscarriage, reports The Telegraph. Scientists were able to prove scientifically that easy toxicosis slightly increases the child's intelligence. However, in severe cases, the toxicity is extremely dangerous for the mother and fetus.

Women who have not experienced the morning vomiting during childbirth, had a miscarriage more likely than women suffering from preeclampsia. All scientists investigated 850 thousand pregnant women. If the toxicity was, the risk of miscarriage was 6.4%. Pregnancy without morning sickness, this figure was increased by half, to 9.5%. In addition, preeclampsia, reduced the risk of birth defects from 80% to 30%.

The most pronounced positive effect toxicity, scientists have identified a group of mothers aged 35 years and older. Scientists have revised their view of the pathological condition and the degree of harm that it is a bear. It is likely that mild toxicosis can serve as an enabling environment for child development.

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Note toxicosis in most cases is associated with lack of oxygen to the fetus. This, of course, severe damage to the nervous system. Experts have not yet explained how this factor combined with the positive effects of toxicosis.

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