Scientists took control of the senescence of the immune system

Experts from Spain and the UK have studied the aging process of cells of the immune system and studied the influence of certain drugs on T-lymphocytes. The results of the observations published in the journal Nature Immunology.

Research has proven that the mitogen-activated kinase (MARK) affect the immune cells of the human body and reduce their protective properties. Special drugs can be off the MARK. Breaking the chain of inhibiting biochemical reactions, can significantly enhance immunity and increase the service life of the cells responsible for the immune response.

Together with T-lymphocytes has improved the functioning of the mitochondria of cells. These formations are responsible for the processing of energy in every cell and determine the duration of her life.

The researchers plan to continue the study of immunity and the development of the artificial ways. Already created the first commercial inhibitors of p38 MARK to aid in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

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