Scientists: too smart women live less

The IQ level has a different effect on the life expectancy of men and women. Research has proven that high intelligence increases the life expectancy of the stronger sex and decreases in women. Constant stress, the presence of a vast number of household responsibilities lead to nervous system disorders that are passed on to other organs. These factors destroy health and prevent aging.

Data were established during the investigation of human intellectual activity and the duration of his life. The researchers analyzed the biological age of the people and their belonging to different generations. Interestingly, people born in 1922, had a younger biological age for the same years than people born in 1906.

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Scientists noticed the age of Nobel prize winners with increases over time. The average life expectancy of academician higher than the Professor. However, this rule does not work with women, according to Vladimir Anisimov, President of the Gerontological society of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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