Scientists: too complex computer games provoke aggression

The research team from the universities of Oxford and Rochester have dealt with the question of the influence of computer games on human behavior. It turned out that most aggression cause no games with violence scenes and projects, really difficult to pass.

The study involved 600 people. When monitoring the behavior of the volunteers was found out, sometimes the most seemingly innocuous games provoke aggressive person. The presence of violence, by contrast, has no effect.

Scientists describe one of the experiments. Volunteers have offered to lower the hand in cold water for 25 seconds. We were told that this duration was chosen by the previous participant of the experiment. Next, the subjects were different versions of "Tetris": simple and complex. The next stage, the participant had to determine how much time in cold water will hold the hand of another test.

It turned out that with the passage of challenging levels, subjects showed the greatest degree cruelty to his companions on the study. On average they called the number at 35 seconds, 10 seconds more than appointed scientists.

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