Scientists told what measures should be taken to get up early in the morning

In order to have more time for study and leisure, reduced stress levels, you need to get up early. Recommended to go to bed at precisely the moment when the body is tired for the day and before bedtime to create a comfortable atmosphere. Then your awakening will be much easier and more enjoyable.

Daily dream for a man - 7-9 hours. During sleep the body is not only growing, but also almost completely regenerates itself. Recommended to get rid of the TV in the bedroom and not to use a mobile phone before going to sleep. To switch off the phone follows the hours before bedtime.

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It happens that people want to fall asleep before his regular schedule, not to torture yourself, go to bed. Sometimes Vice versa. In this case, you will help your favorite book and tea with chamomile or lavender. Pick up a small number of things you normally do without much interest. Do not arrange the bedroom dump everything should be pure, clean and comfortable, then your brain and body will be able to relax. And good advice at the end: describe the to-do list for a week, then stick the mode will become easier.

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