Scientists told how to use nutrition to avoid heart disease

To significantly reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases, by removing from the diet of "heavy" products. This is stated in the material, which is published by Xinhua.

It is noted that the relationship between low calorie diet and a healthy heart traced with the help of people who are not overweight. Scientists say that no medical drug is not able to provide the same preventive the result of a diet based on the principles of low calorie. However, it is emphasized that this system of food must include foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

In the experiment, which revealed the use of a low-calorie diet for the cardiovascular system, was attended by 75 people. The group included people who had a few extra pounds. Volunteers needed to respect the low-calorie food. By the end of the study managed to establish that thanks to the diet they were able to 13 times to reduce the risk of problems with heart and blood vessels. In addition, the recorded reduction in the risk of development of type II diabetes and also some types of disease cancer properties.

We will remind that earlier scientists were able to prove positive effects on the body periodic fasting. In the experiment on mice suffering from fatty liver and pancreas, which caused the development of type II diabetes, scientists have removed 1G of fat from the above authorities that saved a rodent from any manifestations of the disease. Thus, the mice were given a normal insulin response. It is noted that a similar effect relating to periodic fasting.

Repetition of the experiment on people also gave a positive result. People suffering from diabetes for the past 10 months was starving after every three days, which allowed lose weight and to stop using drugs for diabetes.

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