Scientists told how to remember information faster and better

A fairly short run after mental labor, so that the information is well deposited in the head. This statement was made by scientists from the University of applied Sciences. Especially the discovery will be useful for students, says India Today. Apparently, the stress hormone cortisol in certain conditions it helps to remember the information better.

During running, the body experiencing healthy stress. In the result, activate all the systems including the nervous. As a result, the blood flow in the brain is accelerated, and the process of remembering only that the information received is more successfully.

Researchers recommend that students do not neglect physical activity during the period of preparation for the exams. 20 minute jog in between study, it is better to pass the tests.

In the experiment, the volunteers were divided into three groups. People were asked to learn German-Turkish word pairs. Next, the first group as the break was playing aggressive computer games, the second – ran, the third group made the slow walk. It turned out that the best information was acquired after an intense run.

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