Scientists told how to reduce the risk of obesity in preschool children

Recent studies have shown that a clear agenda, including a schedule of hours of sleep, eating, and limit time they spend watching TV or playing computer games, has a positive effect on the emotional status of preschoolers and significantly reduces the risk of development of obesity.

Have specialinternational three aspects of the daily routine of children under three years: regular, adequate sleep, timely meals and a time limit daily television watching to one hour or less.

The obtained data were compared with two key components of self-regulation of children of the same age and also assessed the joint effect of a clear routine and self-regulation on the likelihood of obesity to eleven years.

The results showed that all the three above mentioned factors are crucial for the emotional state of the child and his overall health.

Children, everyday life which is in accordance with a specific regime, much more calm, balanced and less prone to agitation and irritation, and, consequently, much less likely to gain weight.

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