Even in this simple case there is a set of rules to be followed. Experts from the University of California has told about main principles of proper showering. If the recommendations are followed, it is possible to cause perceptible health damage.

Scientists believe that long showers are not worth it. Human skin is covered with a protective layer of fat. If you remove it completely, there will be additional risk of skin viral diseases. Lovers often have a long shower, despite the desire to be always clean, develop eczema.

A sponge should be changed twice a month, periodically wash it or buy a new one. In the fabric structure of wool accumulate dead skin cells. The result is not a means of hygiene, and a breeding ground for bacteria.

Soap is better to use cold water. The head also should be washed under a cool shower. Hot water generally has a negative impact on the health of the skin and hair.

The following simple rules will help keep skin in healthy condition and remain clean.

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