Scientists told how to lose weight and not gain weight again

The researchers explained why, after extreme diets the majority of people quickly return to your original weight or gain even more pounds than they lost. The thing in the bacterial flora residing in the intestines.

Bacteria, like people, get used to certain foods. If the person is fed on fatty and high-calorie foods, bacteria, sensing something was wrong, changing their functioning. As soon as the diet returns to the usual dishes, microflora literally "going crazy", and that becomes the reason for rapid weight gain.

It bacteria are the rapid weight gain after weight loss. The microorganisms break down chemical compounds that stimulate fat burning. However, scientists have found the secret compound that halts the process. As it turned out, a large number of flavonoids from plant foods causes the body to expend energy from fat, not store it.

In an experiment with laboratory rats introduction into the blood of flavonoids allowed to consolidate the results of the diet. People who want to lose weight once and for all, experts recommend to use a cocktail of oranges, celery, parsley. Yourself diet should be sparing, and to obey one rule: the selected power mode power mode actually stick with throughout life without harm to the body. And month course weight loss best left in the past.

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