Scientists told how to get rid of herpes virus forever

Dutch experts have developed a method of ridding the body of herpes virus. Note that throughout the evolution of the human body and the herpes virus intermarried incredibly strong. Almost every person on Earth is a carrier of the virus. However, the disease is manifested only when the coincidence of several factors. One is the decrease in immunity.

If you have a herpes infection, there are small vesicles on mucous membranes and skin. In some cases, the disease can spiral out of control and trigger larger changes in the body.

Scientists have created a program called CRISPR/Cas9. It is possible to calculate cells infected with herpes virus. The result is a 95% chance to remove a pathogen from the body.

Yet the method only works with the old virus strains. In the near future, the researchers plan to expand and improve your program for best results.

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