Scientists told how to get a man to do sports

The competition element is what is lacking to the ordinary man, to force yourself to get off the couch and go to the gym. In one recent study, experts from the University of Pennsylvania proved that no friendly support is not able to push the person to regular exercise. In General, joint classes practically does not work, writes

The study involved 800 people. For 11 weeks, they were Jogging, yoga, weightlifting and other sports exercises. Each volunteer held a briefing on nutrition. The most active participants of the study for the first 11 weeks were given prizes.

Volunteers in the beginning were divided into four groups. In the first group, we used individual competition, the second group competed groups. In the third group the competitive element was eliminated, her coaches called people for mutual support. The fourth group was engaged in free mode.

Scientists have found that the best results were achieved by volunteers from groups of individual competitive element. Her attendance was 90% higher than in the control group.

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