Scientists told how often passed flu

57% of respondents, according to the study, will refuse a kiss, if a person has a runny nose. The majority is afraid of getting the flu, although its transmission path a few others. Virus dwells not in saliva and mucus. So a much higher chance to become infected, shaking the hand of a person with the flu, and after that hold it to the eyes, nose or mouth. Interestingly, 86% of people would prefer it shaking hands with Protogenes


Every fifth Respondent would have been on Dating a person with a cold, 79% would not have agreed to the second and subsequent meetings with partner, constantly smileysim nose. 34% pushed cough, 32% had no permanent sneezing.

Ill stronger afraid of women. Male to people with colds are more relaxed. Almost 46% of respondents did not refuse the kiss with a cold.

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According to recent studies, the viral infection is easier to catch with reduced immunity in places with high concentration of people (public transport, queues, offices) and direct communication with the source of infection.

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