Scientists told about the most attractive age for women

British sociologists have determined the peak of female attractiveness. According to most respondents, by age 30, most women bloom and look your most beautiful.

In total, the study involved two thousand people in the UK. The volunteers were asked to participate in the survey and to complete a series of questionnaires. As it turned out, most people think the most attractive age for women level in 30 years. And there's a scientific explanation.

To 30 years physical signs of old age do not have time to manifest. The intelligence by this age, the level of self-confidence and charisma are at a high level. Scientists have established that women by the age of 30 know their value and try to look attractive for other people.

Young girls in attractiveness are in second place. Beauty is their strong point, however, more Mature women have other equally useful quality that allows you to be the center of attention.

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