A group of researchers from Beloruskogo College opened the bacterium with an unexpected useful properties. It was found that this species is able to suppress the symptoms of autism. However, this fact is scientists have managed to test only on laboratory mice.

In the experiment, the mice with autism symptoms receive the Supplement with reuteri bacteria actobasillus. Changes of the microflora led to improvement of mood of the animals on the hormonal level. The animals had an increased concentration of oxytocin, the hormone responsible for the feeling of happiness.

The further introduction of bacteria changed the behavior of mice with autism symptoms. The animals begin to interact more willingly with other people, and perform joint actions. Though the results of the experiment are impressive on the complete deliverance from autism can not speak yet.

While this mental disorder in humans remains incurable. Note, there are different forms of the disease. In some cases, autism does not cause a serious decline in the quality of life, and people perceive their illness as a feature. Other autism blocks all social functions, interfering with normal adaptation.

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