It is enough to observe some simple rules to sleep soundly. Sure, experts from the University of Georgia.

Only a full night's sleep is able to rejuvenate the body. Sufficient rest is vital to people, it strengthens the immune system and protects against many diseases. If you don't rest enough time, health problems are inevitable.

First rule. You should disconnect from all the problems that occurred during the day. Night – not the best time to analyze all errors. Do not take these thoughts with a bed, better just try to relax.

The second rule is to work more to better rest. Physical activity day is one of the important conditions for a good night's sleep.

The third rule – do not overeat for the night. If before going to sleep I want to eat, it is better to drink yogurt or milk. The main meal should be moved to the Breakfast.

The fourth rule. Before bed turn off all the gadgets and equipment. A vibrating phone, a working TV or radio. All these factors distract the person from sleep.

And the last rule. Scientists do not recommend to sleep in the weekend for all weekdays. It is better to allocate a night to every day to Wake up fresh. It's enough to start to fall asleep on weekdays one hour earlier.

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